Nautiqus Goes Green

Nautiqus Goes Green

Since April 2018, our initiative ‘Nautiqus Goes Green’ helped reduce CO2 emission by

kg CO2

The planet needs our help right here, right now.

While politicians only discuss we move into action.
We aren’t being “eco” just to support a marketing slogan. We believe that if you want to make changes, you need to start with yourself. Therefore, we decided to fight the global warming.

Nautiqus Goes Green is an endeavor where each and every one of our employees commit themselves. Thriving to be environmentally friendly we have undertaken the following:

  • we have switched our car fleet to hybrids,
  • we are developing IT solutions, in order to avoid paper documentation as much as possible,
  • we choose the highest energy efficiency class for office equipment,
  • we use office supplies made of recycled materials,
  • we are currently working on awarding bonuses system for our subcontractors for undertaking eco-friendly initiatives.