MARCH 2024

Nautiqus Women

The Nautiqus team is not only experts in food transportation, but also a unique group of people, most of whom are women. All managerial positions are held by female representatives. Recruitment to our company is done with attention to the balance between competence and fit with the company’s culture, and we often find that these qualities are possessed by women.


Women at Nautiqus are distinguished by their loyalty, perseverance, independence and ability to adapt quickly to dynamic changes. We hire women in key positions because we have seen over the years that they have a comprehensive view of their development and the success of the company. Their greater empathy, communication skills and creativity are key competencies that are the foundation of modern business. These qualities will undoubtedly become even more important with the development of artificial intelligence, in a world where machines are becoming our competitors in the job market. They are also essential for building lasting relationships with customers, which has been a priority since the inception of our company.

Women of our time are multitaskers, often involved in running a home or taking care of children, while also working full time in the office. Such “task juggling” requires the ability to organize time, which translates perfectly into efficiency and usefulness in the TSL industry.


Research clearly indicates that women excel especially in the area of skills related to building effective relationships and creating a value-based company. They have a natural ability to multi-task at the same time and are able to function on several levels simultaneously, achieving outstanding results. The shipping industry is usually associated with situations full of stress. Precisely for this reason, it is essential that people in managerial positions are multi-taskers, have mental resilience, are able to make quick decisions and have a flexible approach to various issues.

A non-negligible trait in effective team management is empathy, which manifests itself not only in relations with employees, but also in strategy building. Understanding customer needs, anticipating expectations and shaping long-term goals requires highly developed emotional intelligence. This kind of competence is not lacking in our female employees, who play a key role in our success as a shipping company.