Our company in a nutshell

What makes us stand out

Nautiqus is a well-coordinated team of freight forwarding experts and experienced customs agents who have been operating on the transport market for many years.

We have built our expertise over the years of working in the extremely difficult food shipping sector, requiring detailed knowledge and competence. We specialize mainly in sea freight, but we are able to take care of every type of transport.

We flexibly adapt to changing market requirements and we guarantee the best logistics solutions in international transport while using the full range of logistic possibilities. Our experts are supported by modern tools and technologies such as our proprietary ERP system STORM connected to all shipowner systems and allowing real-time track and trace monitoring of any shipment.

Professional qualifications, commitment to work and good company atmosphere translate into high quality services and friendly, long-term relationships with contractors. We like our clients and take care of them every day. Hundreds of them have trusted us, they recommend us to their befriended companies, which is the best recommendation for us!

Over 30 years’ experience in freight forwarding

Dedicated expert assigned to a customer

Modern IT solutions

Specialising in the foodstuff

Family Values

Nautiqus' Values


All of our services are top quality-oriented.


Recognition, empathy, mutual help and understanding - all these values are close to us.


Being committed to our services and constant enhancing the way we provide them helps attain top quality.

Positive thinking

We focus on the solutions, not the problems.

Team Spirit

Great atmosphere helps us in our daily duties and creates a community.


Trust toward our services is crucial to a long-term cooperation, and we value it most.


Dialogue based on honesty, open-mindedness and clarity is a bottom line of our good relationship with clients and coworkers.


Since we are open to innovations we increase standards of our work.


Our Team



Dominik Popiel

Business Development Director President of the Board

Małgorzata Lepa

Operating Director Vice-President of the Board


Justyna Kuczmierczyk

Sales Manager

Kaja Kalwasińska - Jarno

Marketing Specialist

Małgorzata Sobczak

Sales Representative

Mateusz Zaborny

Sales Representative

Zuzanna Tutak

Sales Assistant



Magdalena Lepa-Roman

Maritime Forwarding Manager

Katarzyna Bakowicz

Freight Forwarding Expert

Dorota Kamieniak-Szwarc

Freight Forwarding Expert

Agnieszka Łysik

Freight Forwarding Expert

Piotr Piątek

Freight Forwarding Expert

Mariusz Pawłowicz

Freight Forwarder

Robert Nasiadko

Freight Forwarder

Roksana Stor

Freight Forwarder





Przemysław Cierpisz

Container Transport Coordinator

Mateusz Kazubowski

Container Transport Assistant


Joanna Hewusz-Kordowska

Customs Agency Manager

Jacek Sławnicki

Customs Specialist

Paweł Peek

Customs Agent

Paulina Senn

Customs Agency Assistant



Aleksandra Haduch

Director of Finance

Barbara Gołębiewska


Agnieszka Gąsior



Aleksandra Popiel-Lipiecka

Cracow Branch Manager

Jakub Pałkowski

Freight forwarder

A polish family business

Nautiqus is a 100% polish capital company. We are a member of Family Businesses Foundation.


Family businesses are the strongest links in the economy, guaranteeing development, operational reliability and durability for generations. They provide sustainable development, cultivate the traditions and culture of companies focused on long-term value building.

Our attitude toward business is what makes us so different from a corporation. We believe that people are the heart of our business.

We treat our clients as partners and always count on lasting cooperation. The atmosphere in our company proves it. We want everyone to feel at home. We appreciate our coworkers and make sure they come to work with a smile. We cherish our great relations with customers. Our business attitude is a result of our peoples' belief in family values, both at home and work.

The Cooperative Logistics Network

Nautiqus belongs to global organization „The Cooperative Logistics Network”, which enables us to take care of our clients' requests in every corner of the world.

logoCOOP consists of 290 agents in 124 countries.They constitute a network of small and medium-size companies, which share the same principles and values. They all guarantee transport safety of entrusted freight. The network of COOP agents assures our presence on the global sphere of logistic services. It provides our clients with high and constant level of services, while maintaining preferential rates.