For many years, we have been investing in proprietary IT solutions, the main goal of which is to automate the forwarding process and its transparency.

We strive to fully eliminate paper documentation, which translates into a higher quality of services provided, while maintaining an environmentally friendly attitude.

Our proprietary freight forwarding system – Storm is a complete tool dedicated to our customers.

The Storm System Customer Panel makes it easy to check the status of the shipment, guarantees full access to offers and invoices.  The system allows you to submit an inquiry and a forwarding order, which ensures that you will receive an answer to your questions.

Generating transport orders, obtaining an offer or invoice – all this is done “with one click”, allowing you to save valuable time.

Thanks to the advanced EDI communication on which our system is based, clients receive export notifications IE599 and IE529 automatically after the ship leaves a port.

See the STORM system