What's up with the Nautiqus bees?

What's up with the Nautiqus bees?

What’s up with the Nautiqus bees?

The beekeepers taking care of the Nautiqus apiary have already finished the season. Admittedly, the weather and temperature are favorable for the bees to fly, but the foraging is over, so it is necessary to feed them. The last harvest of goldenrod honey is behind us. Intensive work is currently underway to prepare the apiary for wintering.

Running an apiary is a seasonal activity, which depends on the development cycle of the bee colony determined by the seasons. In the temperate climate in which Poland lies, this cycle begins in the second half of winter, when the bees begin intensive feeding of the queen and care of the brood, of which there are more and more as time passes.


Early autumn is the time when beekeepers create the best conditions for bee colonies to survive the cold and frosty days, so that the bees are strong and ready to work in early spring. Proper preparation of the apiary for winter largely determines the success of the next year. This is the time when we can repay the bees for their all-season efforts.

Each year of an apiary’s life is different from the others. The course of the weather, the health of the apiary, the timing of plant blooms and honey harvesting are different every year. It was the same in this season, which must be counted among the difficult ones. A long spring with low temperatures contributed to the weakening of the bees. In turn, torrential storms with hail depleted the holiday honey harvest.

Now our bees will rest while we wait until spring, eagerly anticipating the first flight of our Nautiqus pollinators.

Do you like honey? Wondering how you could help the bees?

It’s just about time to think about planting bee-friendly plants, shrubs and fruit and ornamental trees. Invite to your garden, balcony or terrace these extremely beneficial insects, which not only pollinate plants, but also hunt for pest larvae, so they will take care of your garden. Your immediate environment can become a real paradise for bees!