Project X has taken off!

Project X has taken off!

Project X has taken off!

Since the beginning of September, Nautiqus has been running our exciting new proprietary development project under the mysterious name Project X.

What is Project X?

It is our proprietary gamification. An initiative aimed at activating our employees and strengthening their relationships. At the same time, we promote an active, cultural and creative way of spending leisure time both at work and outside of it.

The rules are simple: participants in Project X complete tasks from 3 categories: sports, cultural, social/other in 3 levels of difficulty: for 5,3 and 1 point. Examples of sports tasks for 5 points include participation in an organized run or a visit to a rope park. Meanwhile, in the cultural task category, you can earn points for, among other things, visiting interesting places such as the seal sanctuary in Hel, the Bird Paradise Reserve or the World War II museum, or visiting the theater and sharing this special moment with co-workers.


The main idea of the project is to activate Nautiqus employees, but the most important thing is that everyone spends this time actively, developing themselves, discovering new passions and building stronger bonds in the team. Project X is a three-month adventure – a mix of fun, a touch of competition, a bit of self-discipline, a mass of new experiences, a ton of laughter culminating in the announcement of the results on December 1, 2023. The main prize for the person who scores the most points is a voucher worth PLN 3,000 for a weekend trip to a boutique agritourism – exclusive apartments located in Osiek, in the heart of a nature reserve. To encourage everyone to participate, Nautiqus management decided to introduce a guaranteed prize for those who earn a certain number of points.

“Thanks to the guaranteed prize, Nautiqus employees approached the topic with great enthusiasm. What pleases us the most is that our employees organize themselves to go to the museum or go sailing on sups together after work. “I’ve never been so proud of myself,” “Thanks to these tasks you can really have a fun time!!!” – these are the messages I regularly receive from our people, and they confirm that it is worth trying a less standard approach to the topic of integration and employee motivation. Some have not even been stopped by the long-awaited vacation and are mowing down more points by visiting cities abroad!” – says Malgorzata Lepa – Vice President of Nautiqus.

After less than a month, we are already considering the next editions of Project X in the following years, and we have a mass of ideas for its enrichment. To the battle of Nautiqus!