Polish honey among the leaders of global export

Polish honey among the leaders of global export

We are the experts of the food product export. We specialize in milk but also in export of polish honey into UK for ”Sądecki Bartnik” apiary farm.

We are glad the number of polish beekeepers and bee families are both growing. The data of the Pulawy Research Institute of Horticulture recorded 2 million bee families in 2021 versus 1,3 million in 2012. The quality of honey and apiary products of local manufacturers is also improving. Today ten polish honey manufacturers hold European Union regional and traditional product certificates.

Polish honey is of high quality and is competitive against imported honey types. There is ongoing consultation on the honey directive aimed at compulsory honey labelling and setting regulations to guarantee the high honey quality.

Did you know that:

  • Bees are the species of insects domesticated in antiquity
  • Bees fly 40km/h and move wings two hundred times per second
  • Each bee produces only half a spoon of honey during its entire lifetime
  • Bees maintain their “inner timer” informing them what time & which flower produces nectar
  • Bees communicate through dancing
  • Bees cannot see red
  • Worker bees can carry 3times their weight

What is the most important – around 30% of human consumed food comes from bee pollinated plants!

We recommend – please buy honey from polish bee farms and from polish beekeepers and our experts will ship it for you!