Our company in a nutshell

why are we the best ?

We form a harmonious team of experienced forwarders and customs agents.

We have gained our qualifications and transport know-how over the years and that is why now we can meet our Clients’ needs. We flexibly adapt to the changing market requirements using the full range of logistic options. Professional qualifications, dedication to work, and good working atmosphere at the company result in the high level of services and friendly relations with the counterparties.

We are a forwarding company which provides a selection of the best logistic solutions related to the organisation of international transport.

We offer professional handling and the highest quality of services for our Clients. We have been specialising in transport of food products for a number of years. We gained the trust of many Clients, which allows as to constantly increase the volume of handled consignments.


All of our services are top quality-oriented.


Recognition, empathy, mutual help and understanding - all these values are close to us.


Being committed to our services and constant enhancing the way we provide them helps attain top quality.

Positive thinking

We focus on the solutions, not the problems.

Team Spirit

Great atmosphere helps us in our daily duties and creates a community.


Trust toward our services is crucial to a long-term cooperation, and we value it most.


Dialogue based on honesty, open-mindedness and clarity is a bottom line of our good relationship with clients and coworkers.


Since we are open to innovations we increase standards of our work.

Nautiqus is a company of 100% polish capital. We are a member of Family Businesses Foundation.


But what exactly does it mean?

Our attitude toward business is what makes us so different from a corporation. We believe that people are a heart of a business. Therefore, we care about increase in a value of the company. We do not focus on direct profits, but long-term development. We treat our clients as partners and always count on a durable cooperation. The atmosphere in our company proves it. We want everyone to feel at home. It is not always ideal in here, but definitely safe. We appreciate our coworkers and make sure they come to work with willingness.

Our approach corroborates great relations with our clients. Such attitude toward business is a result of our peoples' belief in family values, both at home and work. As Nautiqus is 100% polish company and pays taxes in Poland, it should be borne in mind, that we contribute to our country's wealth.

Nautiqus belongs to global organization „The Cooperative Logistics Network”, which enables us to take care of our clients' requests in every corner of the world.

logo COOP consists of 290 agents in 124 countries.They constitute a network of small and medium-size companies, which share the same principles and values. They all guarantee transport safety of entrusted freight. The network of COOP agents assures our presence on the global sphere of logistic services. It provides our clients with high and constant level of services, while maintaining preferential rates.

For the past 7 years we have been investing in our own IT solutions, the main objectives of which are automation and transparency of a freight forwarding process.

IT We thrive to eliminate paper documentation since it enables higher quality of our services, moreover, it helps us stay proecological. 'Storm'- our own online platform is used in order to manage freight forwarding services for our clients. Clients may register and have access to information regarding the status of a shipment. 'Storm' also guarantees full access to offers and invoices. Opportunity to get quoted and creating forwarding order ensures that your questions will be answered. You are one click away from generating transport orders, receiving offers or invoices. It means saving time, which is of the essence. Due to the fact that our system is based on UN/EDIFACT communication standard, clients receive export notifications IE599 and IE529 automatically, at the departure of a ship from a port.

We continuously are enhancing the functionality of our IT system, therefore, we are proud to present our youngest brainchild - a mobile app 'StormRates'.

Dzięki aplika Thanks to the application you may instantly check the cost of container sea shipment. All you need is an Android/IOS smartphone or tablet and access to the Internet. Cost of the sea freight can be checked from anywhere, at any time. In order to receive further information, you may send and inquiry directly to the forwarding company. StormRates is a free application, which is available at Google Play and App Store

Currrently, we are working on its next version, which will enable door-to-door quotation./h3>

We thrive to make progress and invest


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